Origin Trust Foundation

Civilization 10.0

How do we make the world work, for 100% of humanity, in the shortest possible time, through spontaneous cooperation, without ecological offense or the disadvantage of anyone?

— R. Buckminster Fuller
If civilization is to survive, we must cultivate the science of human relationships – the ability of all peoples, of all kinds, to live together, in the same world at peace.

— Franklin D. Roosevelt
How do we love all the children, of all species, for all time?

— Bill McDonough

These are inspiring questions. We have a few more to add, along similar lines ...

  • How does humanity become optimally healthy, fulfilled and free?
  • How can we truly thrive as a species, and while doing so, leave our planet better than we found it?
  • How do we access and activate our innate genius, our real potential as human beings?
  • How do we live a life we love, the life of meaningful contributions and relationships that each of us is meant to live?
  • How do we celebrate our uniqueness and share our gifts while in dynamic harmony with one another and our environment?

Origin was founded to discover, create and live the solutions to these questions.


As worldwide complexity has increased, our solutions to complex problems have proven to be expedient but short-sighted bandaids. Whether intentionally or not, the bandaids have tended to unleash more, ever-more complicated, and all too often worse problems than they set out to solve in the first place.

This has to do with a habitual, uni-directional viewpoint that there must somehow be one solution “to rule them all”; It does not account for the multiplicity of potential worldviews, scenarios or possible outcomes. We intend to transform these silos through cross-pollination, in the noosphere as well as the biosphere. It is time for us to use our collective intelligence in new ways, many of which are only now emerging.

We see our main work as discovery and connection of meta game-changers, wherever in the world they may be. When we find them, we bring them together meaningfully, to connect and share with their colleagues and to assess whatever might be missing and/or essential to support them in their work. We then expand those resources as necessary, through effective, powerful partnerships.

About Origin

Turning the present planetary situation in an omni-positive direction will take collaboration and cooperation, as well as imagination and innovation. When we move beyond today’s ubiquitous discussions of sustainability and success to the more ambitious —and essential— benchmarks of regeneration and thriving, we are talking about new models, new worldviews, new ways of being.

It’s a contextual shift.

We agree with Dr. James P. Carse that humanity likes to play two primary kinds of games: finite and infinite.

In a finite game, there are always losers, as the object of the game is to win. It is an innately competitive and rivalrous modality, and the game always ends; it is self-terminating. It is zero-sum. It also tends to foment escalating wars.

In an infinite game, there are no losers, as the object of the game is simply to continue the play. It is a creative, supportive modality, and the game does not end. It is self-perpetuating.

We believe the time has come for us, as a species, to step out of finite and into infinite gameplay; that we are indeed the ones we’ve been waiting for.

Our overarching intention is to put the wind beneath the wings of what we like to call, Bucky Fuller-style, “Trimtab people and trimtab projects”. Specifically, we intend to support, magnify and multiply brilliant, practical innovations and the brilliant, practical people behind them.

Our primary focus is on independent, useful, applied research at the intersection of economy and ecology, namely:

  • Complex adaptive systems as they apply to our global society and interconnected ecosystems, both natural and created;
  • Our emerging—and converging—exponential technologies;
  • Who we are becoming as human beings; and
  • How we create the conditions to cultivate a world that works for all life.

Inhabiting a world that blesses everyone is our ultimate goal and one that we share with many partners around the globe. To get there requires that we undertake pure research, engage the deep thinking, and practice the new ways of being that will avert our present catastrophic and existential risks. We must also apply our discoveries to envision, create and build the new experimental models for civilization, whether designed from the ground up or allowed to emerge, that are likeliest to work.

Our ultimate vision is that Origin becomes a global nexus for the groundbreaking, positive transformations that bring about a global reboot: not just an upgrade to Civilization 2.0, but an evolutionary leap to Civilization 10.0.